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There is a guy at work that I am interested in. He is a very shy guy so I made the move to introduce myself. He and I have been spending out breaks together ever since. We started texting each other, but there would be like 30 minutes between every text he'd send. In a text he told me that he was interested in me, and I told him that I was also interested. We made plans to hang out together but before those plans happened we had a conversation on msn. He thought we should just be friends because he is very good friends with the older brother of my ex, and he didn't want to get into that messy situation. I played it cool, and didn't show any further interest in him at work. Of course once I stopped feeding him attention he was like a desperate puppy. We continue to take breaks together, talk at work, and text. He NEVER texts me first, he still takes forever to reply to my texts and has again recently admitted his interest but still says we shouldn't further anything. Is he just too shy? Is he letting me down gently? What is his deal? What do I do?


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  • I'm thinking he's one of those people who actually gives a sh*t about the bullsh*t politics of it all. I think his problem is either he is afraid this will f*** up what's he's got with his friend, or his friend already made it clear to him with a statement along the lines of "don't date her or else". But that's only assuming his friend knows or cares (to the point of being a controlling ashole). If he is afraid jut merely because things would get awkward then really it's his loss, but whatever the reason, it sounds to me that he was trying to give you up, and for whatever reason, could not. Like maybe he fancies you more than he thought and deep down he still wants you or whatever.

    BTW just so you know this is all just speculation and theory.

    If it really bothers you and if you really want this guy when go get him. Ask him what's up, and try to work it out or whatever.

    • Thanks, that was actually very insightful, it helps! :) I love this website haha...

    • Huh... how bout that. And here I forgot I posted this. I was drinking a few Guinness. I guess it's true what they tell me. I really am smarter after a couple beers in me.

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  • It's a little depressing news, but sometimes men choose male friends over women. Maybe he sees some uncomfortable confrontations between his friend and you. But we can never fully deny our feelings, eventually we give in to girls. LOL

    But seriously, there's no telling what he'll do. How close is he a friend with your ex's brother? Most importantly, are you willing to put up with drama that might happen down the line? Those are about the only decisions I can think for you so far. But much of this, has to do with him. If his male friend is just a simple friendship, then I don't see what's the problem is.

    • "we can never fully deny our feelings, eventually we give in to girls" haha, this is so funny but you are so right! I hope this is the case with him.. thanks for your answer :)

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