Girls would you text a guy how his grades are this semester if you re not interested?

assuming you know he s interested. also is there a difference between ha ha and hahahaha? and do exclamation points or ?! signs mean anything

also we met like a month ago so don't know each other very well


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  • Re: "Hahaha" vs "Ha ha ha" vs ! vs ? vs ?! vs !?

    - Is she a literary professor and/or fascinated with English literature? It might mean something minor if so, but nothing romantic. An example being that ! would convey excitement whilst !? would convey confusion/intrigue... and ? would simply be awaiting anticipation. Little ques as to the way she feels about certain topics I suppose. And my only theory about "hahaha" vs "ha ha ha" would be that "ha " when spelt using t9 might be faster than typing out hahaha entirely, not to mention auto-correct is frustrating beyond all recognition.

    And as for the grades, I'd say it's a bit abnormal considering the policies at my school. It's a local community college that I used to attend here, and they obscure your name by using your SID (student ID #) or a pin you register at the beginning of a course. For her to memorize someone else's pin/id means a couple things, first she's rather close to you to get that info (or to the teacher, in which there is a privacy violation in place); and second that she is comfortable talking to you (after all, who brings up something as off topic as mentioning their grades). She's trying her best to formulate a conversation with you (in my opinion), do what you should as a man and discover mutual passions/etc, it will make conversations easier and help you both on the path of getting to know each other.

    Sounds like she likes you,

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • If she asked you, I think there may be a good chance that she likes you. Did she start the conversation ?

    • via text yes. but it could also be a friend thing right?

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    • I don't think she likes you more than a friend if she already has a boyfriend.

    • how can she see me as a friend though we barely know each other and she was the one who was interestedi and me first doesn't that count for something?

  • could just be friendly...

  • the ha ha do not matter neither do ? or !. if she is texting you a lot she could be interested but just that alone would not make me assume she does.

    • well she doesn't text me a lot. she responds when I text or sometimes she reandomly texts me. she's the type of girl who lets guys do all the leading. how do I make her lead? thanks

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