Is the fling over? What to do now...

Alright so this is a long story so I'll try to keep it brief. Basically I met a guy from my apartment complex who consistently pursued me even after I expressed to him I wasn't interested. After a while I gave in, mostly because I was attracted to him in a bikram yoga class.

Anyway, one thing led to another and we started seeing each other on a near daily basis. We would hang out too, I sincerely liked him as a friend and would have considered a relationship with him but we both know I am moving accross the country in August.

My feelings began to grow for him and I admit I did some things that would be perceived as "crazy girl" stuff. Such as: getting angry when he doesn't answer the phone, confronting about things, and the worst of all...checking his phone, which led to this current situation.

So we were in the middle of a hook up (didnt quite reach the best pa) and I asked him to go shave because he was hurting me. When he was in the shower, I needed to check the time (my watch was in the bathroom) so I flipped open his phone to look at the time. A couple seconds after, a text message comes in from "sexy bunny." I read it, even though I knew it was a wrong thing to do. Sexy bunny (his ex) said something about "wow you'll have to tell me the story of this crazy girl." I naturally wondered...what crazy girl? So I look at his recent sent messages to see that he has been saying there is a "crazy girl" after him, making it out to his ex like he wasn't actively pursuing me, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

When he got out of the shower I confronted him about it, apologizing that I looked at his phone but explaining why. I told him it hurt me that he would talk about me in such a way and would appreciate if he didn't do it. He made a huge issue out of me checking his phone and told me he was leaving because he wasn't "in the mood" anymore. (This was Sun around noon). He told me that I can see him on tues because mon he's busy (without even knowing my schedule just assumed I would be free). I told him "if you walk out like this, you will not see me again." And he said "yes you will, you'll see me on Tuesday. you'll see me." And walked out.

Didnt hear from him again until Tues 8pm asking if I wanted to go to a yoga class and grab smoothies afterward. I didn't respond because I have received no apology from him and I told him that I would not be seeing him on tues.

So..that is the only correspondence I have had since sun and he used to contact me every day (like I said we saw each other every day).

He took some important pictures for me at one point since he was with me during a fender bender. he took pictures as evidence because I don't have an iphone. I texted him tonight because I am meeting with the claims agent tomorrow and need to send the pictures. I sent him a very brief text (no hello) just saying "i would appreciate if you would send me the photos...meeting with claims agent tomorrow." He hasn't responde


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  • I get it can hurt but your letting your feelings for him get in your way. Technically he did nothing wrong and has no need to apologize. I have done stuff like that too, and realized I need to admit when I'm wrong. I know this might be hard to hear but this is coming from past experience. Just apologize to him for looking through his phone and over reacting to it.

    • Thanks for your comment. The thing is, I already did apologize profusely and it seemed like he wanted to "punish" me by not going on with our escapades for the he rejected sex from me and left...

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    • Prob just a hurt ego then. you didn't respond and now you only write him about pictures you need. In his head he is probably upset thinking you don't want to continue anymore.

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  • People get their backs up abut their precious 'privacy' so much that they will break off all contact over it..or worse! I remember when I looked at a co worker's e mail, you'd think I had run over her child..

    So thoings weren't all that great anyway, and when you looked at his phone...that was the excuse he was probably looking for. Plus, as I said, some people DO get so angry about their supposed 'privacy', it's hard to believe

  • The fling's really over. It's clear that you're the crazy girl and he's just using you all this time.


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  • He sounds like a jackass