Need some advice. Someone messed things up for me.

was getting to know this girl for a year through Facebook, we were acquaintances in high school b4 now we go to different colleges. Things kinda slowed down Because in October we hungout and I kinda scared her off by showing too much interest but it got OK. We're both also Muslims, so dating isn't advised. She started ignoring me, so I told her my feelings. that I think she's nice, wanna keep being friends and getting to know her, and wanna hangout when I'm in her colleges area. she said OK only if a friend can come. we hungout with her friend before. she's super shy and showed interest b4. So when she said this, I told my best friend Because I was happy and like 2hrs later I started getting weird texts from text free pinger numbers. he started talking vulgar things about her and insulted me. the next day the texts said he msgd my girl and will message my mom and my friends. Turns out he msgd my mom and said fake stuff, it was worded in a polite way so my mom would believe it but my mom didn't. he made a fake fb account and msgd my mom with this and I'm sure he msgd my girl sijce her had the nerve to message my mom. my girl started completely ignoring me on Facebook ever since she told me she's OK with getting to know me hanging out etc. I didn't say anything to seem desperate or come on strong, so I'm sure my friend told her something, I called her from my new phone #, and she picked up not knowing it was me but was very shy but sounded happy. I then apologized to her for the thing and she said they never msgd her but I think she's lying Because she probably doesn't wanna talk about it. I'm going to be seeing her soon because of a pizza party at our old high school. should I just give her space till June when I see her? seem like the stalker messed things up between me and her? because she's shy, focused on school, knows that hanging out with guys is wrong, so the added drama probably convinced her that this isn't worth it?

we talk through Facebook since we go to different colleges
And only 2 people know that I like her and they are my bffs. so I know did this


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  • Well first off, the 'friend' who was doing this is either pulling a prank that's totally out of line, or he just simply isn't your friend. you should address that.

    and second. if you keep contacting her and she is very passive and doesn't seem like she in very interested then its simple...she probably isn't interested.

    give her space, let her talk to you.

    im not sure how your relationship was before you started to take space but I do know that quite often, nice guys message girls trying extremely hard and they reply to be polite. if someone is interested in you, they show interest.

    maybe she just really isn't ready though, and if that's the case then you should respect that.

    so all in all. id wait until she talks to you. and if she doesn't and you see her at the pizza party, don't rush to see her, just talk to her when you "get around to it" girls always wwant what they can't have!

    • Well I did kinda try hard in the past but she definitely showed interest. Lots of it. It came to the point where se asked to hangout. And for our culture it's a big thing because guy girl stuff is frowned upon. And that guy isn't my friend anymore lol obviously a friend wouldn't do that

    • But we werent dating but were more than friends. We'd flirt sometimes and I would compliment her on her personality and occasionally on looks. So I don't know guess something went wrong?

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  • Just five it some time and distance and for now

  • just let things blow over then try again later..


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  • Yes, you definitely have to give her that space. It would calm things down for a while, and you will be in better shape in asking her out when June comes.