What is going on here?! Not sure how this girl feels.

I met a girl at a cafe at my university about a month ago. A few weeks ago we went out on a date and had a great time, and I've seen her a couple of times since then at uni. In addition to this we text each other on occasion (sometimes quite a bit and sometimes brief), but everytiume I've seen her I've failed to make a move and have recieved nothing more than a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Last week this girl texted me and we had a short conversation before she mentioned her aunty who she stays with was out of town for a couple of weeks and she could do with some company. I went over there last night with zero expectations because I cannot decipher this girls language at all. We ended up having dinner and drinking a bit of wine. THrough dinner she was a bit distant but we had lots of fun conversations (including about sex), and she was more receptive to my touch(had her legs over mine). We watched a movie on her laptop an the battery went flat so she asked if we should go into her room to watch it. I said yes, we ended up getting cloesr together and finished watching the movie.

I did nothing the whole time but play with her feet. afterward she asked where I wanted to sleep, her bed or the couch (Initially saying that she had a spare bed in another room I could sleep on), She gave me some of her pajamas and I slept in bed with her, however when we were going to sleep she had her back to me and she was still talking but I found it impossible to make any move and was not even sure what Kind of message this was. Why would she let me get into bed with her if she was expecting nothing? In the morning we got up together and she made breakfast and I left. It felt a bit awkward leaving, and I honestly couldn't tell you whether this girl wanted anything or not. I'm kind of interested in her and it's incredibly frustrating. This morning I sent a text saying thanks for letting me stay over and that next time I'd be the host. She responded with "That's okay :) It was nice having some company." Any advice appreciated.


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  • It may have felt awkward and frustrating, but I think you did exactly! what she wanted you to do.

    She was lonely, wanted some attention, and didn't want to bsleep balone in the house. But she didn't really want sex. I doubt she'd have said 'no' if you had been aggressive, but she didn't want that really.

    I bet she thinks you are great now, because you picked up on her clues and didn't press her for sex.

    So get with it and get her company some more! Now she trusts and really likes you!


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  • I think she thinks your gay..

  • You should've taken the opportunity to cuddle and kiss her. It's quite clear that she's so interested in you.

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