How do I stop being nervous about making out with my boyfreind because we both want to?

so here is the thing my boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 6 month but we never madeout. i have made out with other guys before but I didn't even like the guy,i kissed him at a friends birthday party and my boyfriend(he is my first love and my first boyfriend and vice versa)has never even made out before so am so nervous,cuz what if he doesn't like it or isn't into it.please give me some advice on how to stop being shy about kissing him and some pointers on how I can initiate the kiss.


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  • Here is an advice (it's a real one trust me).


    Stop thinking about all this meaningless sh*t "oh is he gonna be into it ? Is he gonna like it ? etc"

    Where does it lead to think about it ? How does it help ? Is it constructive ? ...

    NO... It's NOT. It's freakin useless.

    So next time you see him, just grab him randomly, anywhere, anytime, and kiss him passionately and he will reciprocate.

    A kiss is a kiss. It's not a stupid competition or something you get fussy about. He will be more than happy to kiss you GUARANTEED because he loves you.

    That's all.


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  • If your boyfriend has not initiated any kinds of attempt to kiss, perhaps you should try to ask him why he never tried to kiss you. However though, you may want to consider asking it while you are in the middle of a conversation (do not ask it out of the blue e.g. "So how come you never kissed me?" When there is no conversation going). This should give you an answer. Getting onto his good side will also help drawing an answer out from him.

    To initiate a kiss, well, I'm no expert in that. A suggestion that I can probably give to you is try to make as if you're hesitating by gazing his eyes, and then throw in your lips as passionate as possible when he realizes this.

  • Don't be shy about it. Just lean in and kiss him. Over time, he will be the one initiating it.


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