What to do with this?

Ok, here is another issue that also involves texting!

So you "meet" someone on an online dating site and he asks if you'd like to talk on the phone and get to know you a little to see if we want to meet. You give him your number. He texts to say hello and to give you his number and now you have exchanged numbers and greeted.

Instead of calling, though... the guy just... texts me what he's doing. So far, I have gotten 4 of these kinds of texts, weeks apart. I always respond and always say yes to his "invites."

The first one was that we should meet sometime. I say, "Sure! That sounds fun! What did you have in mind?" No response for weeks. Then, suddenly, another text, of a hiking trail saying, "This is where I went hiking yesterday. We should go some time!" I say, "Sure, that sounds fun! I love hiking." No response AGAIN for 3 more weeks.

Last night, I get ANOTHER text saying he was at a Stones concert! He sends me a short video!

Honestly, I have no idea what to say to him! I don't know him; he's never called, I have shown interest and accepted his general invitations to do something together. So this time, I have not written back yet, because I don't really think he is that interested! But why does he keep texting me all his activities?

If he's not interested, and doesn't want to actually go out, I want him to stop texting me. It's annoying. My instinct says to just be honest and ask him. Say, "Why are you texting me your activities? I don't know you and you don't seem to want to meet, so what's up?" Or ask him to stop if he has no intention of following up.

Anyone have any insight as to what's really going on before I just say that and then kind of force his hand or do I just stop responding? It's been 3 months since I gave the guy my number.

Thank you for your help. I am hoping those of you that answer don't feel the need to be nasty and insulting as some of you have been in the past. That is not necessary! If you don't have any insight to add and just like throwing insults at strangers, please move on to the next asker!

Thank you!


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  • I would say text exactly that. If he doesn't change his game, move on and invest your efforts elsewhere. He seems to be dangling you along for whatever reason.

    • Thank you. This is what I wrote back to get him to stop: "Why are you texting me your activities? I don't know you and apparently you have no intention of getting to know me so WTF? Stop texting me! Lose my number. Bye. Whatever!"

      That should stop the texts :) Thanks.

  • This sounds very puzzling. I honestly have no clue, but I think you're right, he has no real interest in pursuing anything with you. It's almost like he wanted to build a series of alibis or a fake "paper trail" on his phone.


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