Did she reject me? (Online dating)

Well, I started chatting with this girl 2 weeks ago, we talk everyday for hours, we have a lot of things in common and we really enjoy talking to each other.

At first I was the one starting the conversations, but lately she's the one doing it (5 days in a row).

So I asked her out, and she told me that she'd like to, but couldn't on Sunday, then she said that she could do Saturday.

Everything perfect until here.

Today, we talked and she said that we should meet other day, and she will tell me when...

I don't want to stop talking to her (she'll definitely talk to me), because she didn't actually say NO, and I really enjoy chatting with her, but it's hard to me because I can't stop thinking about her.

What would you do?


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  • Wait for her to text you back. Give it like 4 days or a week at max. If she's interested then she WILL text since she told you that she would...ball is in her court. If she dosen't like you then she won't text back. Do not text her back if she dosent...just leave her alone.

    Answer mine please?

    • We chat on Facebook everyday, and she will chat with me today, and tomorrow and so on..., I know that. But I won't start the conversation as you say.

      Thanks for the answer.

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  • Well, how are your other dates going?

    Cause ... you're not being monogamous to a girl you've never met. Right? Right?

    • Not so well, I don't really like the other girls, I really like this one though.

    • You don't know this girl.

      Keep more doors open, keep looking for more if this develops great, but don't rely on it.

  • wait until she gives me a date where she can go. But I'd keep talking to other girls in the meantime.

  • She didn't reject you at all. Just wait for her to respond.

  • Yeah, I've had this kind of experience.

    You've got to remember girls are bombarded with messages, hundreds a month, maybe even hundreds a week. They're spoilt for choice. For a (straight) guy, online dating is really a waste of time. Unless you look literally like a model, you're going to have a tough time getting any replies. You're competing not only against all the usual confident guys but against all the shy guys who try online dating as a substitute for approaching girls in real life.

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