How to keep him interested when texting?

So I recently went out of my comfort zone and made the first move and asked my crush for his cell number. I'm new to the whole flirting text thing and I'm finding it hard to know how much texting is too much. How much is too little, how to keep him interested. Any ideas?


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  • It's only too much if they seem uninterested, if they keep talking then it's going fine... Too little is less than say once or twice a week, that's my personal opinion though... I don't really do the whole not wanting to seem eager thing. I'd rather let a girl know I'm into her than play hard to get or hot and cold.


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  • You should just try to text when he responds, and never text twice in a row since you will just come up as desperate.


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  • Awesome - you put yourself out there and made the first step! That shows him how confident and take-charge you are.

    When it comes to flirty texting, I don't think there's such thing as too little or too much - IF the conversation is interesting. If it's mundane chat about the weather or school/work, you can't expect him to want to text you late into the night, right? So you gotta keep him on his toes. Be the cute, witty, funny girl that I'm sure you are. Find out his interests and what you two have in common - sports teams, favorite music/movies/books, mutual friends, places you've travelled to, fun plans for the future - and ask his opinions on all of it. Engage in heated (but friendly) discussions; you'll get to know each other better and, as a bonus, maybe get some inside jokes out if it that you can tease each other about in person. This sounds lame, but guys have told me they find it really cute when girls include winking emoticons in their texts. ;)

    If you're not afraid to get really flirty (bordering on sexting but not as intense), there are a zillion ways to keep his attention. For example, if you're going out somewhere and you're trying on outfits (or swimsuits if you're feeling daring), send him some pictures, tell him you can't make up your mind and ask which he likes best. If you're into fitness or are trying to improve the appearance your arms/legs/abs/butt, ask if would mind "helping" you track your progress by sending him weekly pictures. If you want advice about guys and their opinions on certain things girls do, ask him what he thinks. Also, guys enjoy being able to fix things, so if you have a small problem or need to physically fix something, he's your go-to guy. If he helps you with it, tell him how much you appreciate his expertise/advice/research skills and he'll feel like the coolest guy in the world.

    Bottom line: always be yourself, but if the conversation is boring you, it's probably boring him as well and you'll need to switch it up. If you have more questions, just ask. Hope I helped :) Good luck!

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