Why did my ex text me?

My ex and I broke up last July. He is the one who initiated it, and so I had a tough time getting over him. I've texted him a few times since the breakup, and he has never responded. The last text I sent him was in March, and I asked him if wanted to get a beer sometime. As usual, he never responded. I've recently started dating a guy and things are going pretty well with that. Out of the blue, my ex sent me a text tonight and said that he hoped I was doing good, and that he would definitely get a drink with me whenever. Why would he send me this after pretty much ignoring all of my other texts since we've broken up?


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  • He's just checking up on you. It doesn't mean anything.


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  • He is testing the waters with you, seeing if you still have feelings for him.

    He may have heard you were dating someone else and wanted to know how you felt.

    The real question is how do you plan to respond if at all?

    Do you ignore the text and not answer it, after all he never answered any of your text messages.


    Do you contact him and said, sorry invite is now expired, I have moved on...all the best?

  • Your answer is in the question... you said you started dating someone new. That's usually when exes show up.

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