What is the best way to cool off from argument to know if you should give someone another chance?

It's been a week and I'm still mad at her and haven't communicate with her even she pled and apologized for things she said.

The last time we communicate was when she asked for my help. She said thanks but spam me with text with apologies. It really annoys and stress me so I told her to stop all the text.

Few hours later she text me to thank me for my advise after her problem is solved. That makes me even more angry


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  • If you need that much time to cool down you probably don't like her that much. I can never stay mad at someone.. not even with friends..


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  • just ignore her until your anger subside.

    • How long is a reasonable time? To be honest I'm still angry

    • tbh we are kinda of the same situation and it's been 2 months and I'm still angry :(. sorry I can't really help. the reason of my anger though runs deep. hmm maybe try your best to forgive her. highlight the good times you have with her I don't know -_-

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  • You should try cooling off by working out or going out with friends and going to comedy bars or wherever you think is fine so that you'll just laugh your problems out.