I feel like there is something he isn't telling me and its eating me up inside. Advice please

So I feel like there has been a change in my boyfriend He lives at his aunts 5 min away from but lately he has been staying with his cousin And I want to believe him but I haven't heard of his cousin until now. He works all the time so he he goes straight to his cousins house and goes to sleep cause it close by to his job and I don't see him everyday like I used to. And he calls me through out the day while he is working but when he gets off its hard for me to get a hold of him. He eventually calls me. But he always get off the before he enters this cousin house. He says he hasn't brung me over cause his cousins girlfriend is a bitch an he is trying to stay until she doesn't want him staying anymore. And on top of that he is always texting on his cell and when I ask him who it is he says my boy and ijust feel like you have so much to say to your boys but we don't text like that? and he always tells me oh they are just seeing what I'm doin. And I want to trust him but lately I just wake up every morning with a sadness cause I feel like he is becoming distant and he isn't telling me something. I its I either believe him or I don't its just and I know he is depressed...and he is living on his peoples couches but am I just being paranoid. I also wrote him a poem its like two pages I gave it to him while were hanging out he just got off work and he didn't even read it he said he was tired I was like oh OK. Then he left the car wasn't going to take it with him and I said I worte it for you if your not going to take it then never mind then he said babe I'm going to take it I ll look at it but it was like at least to me he didn't want it.


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  • You seem to have so much time for yourself.

    You definitely procrastinate things because you don't have much to do. Your boyfriend is doing his best to have a good life. You should do as well.

    It's quite clear that your relationship is just fine and is too far from the brink of ruin.

    • yes I thought that maybe it was just me?

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  • Does this cousin and girlfriend exist? Have you met them?

    • no I haven't and that's why I feel some type of way I think when I see him today I'm going to ask him to drive past their house so I can see where he is living...if he says no then that's going to be a red flag.

  • I think you need to distant yourself and let him come to you if he wants to tell you.

    • that's the thing I have but its just killing me and I'm so scared its another girl cause it "could" seem that way or it could be really what he says but I just feel like I either need to calm down or just break it off cause I'm going to go crazy and some sh*t that has done that's why I'm so scared.

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