Why hasn't he called me on vacation?

My boyfriend of two years went on vacation with friends to a huge car event that happens once a year. They always go annually. anyways the past two times he went he would face time me every night.

They're in the mountain area and he has little to no reception. So he has to drive down and go to the lobby area for wifi to face time me.

The past three days he hasn't made any effort to face time me at all like has other times and it makes me sad. I miss him and I only get like one text a day from him like "love you!" And then no response after a couple of texts back.

Why hasn't he made time to call me like the past? ;(


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  • It seems that he's quite enjoying his vacation. You should be patient, and wait for him to come back. The event only comes once a year so it's important to him.

    • He said he'll face time me tonight. I just miss him! lol

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