Would you date someone who you know is dating multiple people? Interesting Story....

I met this great girl online. I was the first guy she met online, and we had two dates which were really great. I thought things were going great.

Then, on the website we met on, I got a message from a guy telling me "We're seeing the same girl. You better bring your A game. I know this because I'm good with computers." It was obviously a fake profile with no information.

Anyway, I told her about this and she admitted that she was talking to others online and she felt bad because I got that message. I started to tell her that I don't think online dating was for me, and she started to tell me that she really enjoys spending time with me, and to ask her anything I want that she'd never lie to me. She knew I wasn't the same, so she was kinda sucking up in a way. We talked a little more, and she asked for a date next week.

I told her I don't think I could because next week is a busy day at work and I couldn't make the hour drive to hang out. She said she wanted to come to me, and she really insisted.

We now have plans this coming week, and I'm worried I'm going to get my hopes up and want to kiss her. We are alike in every way.

I'm extremely monogamous, and I told her I haven't talked to any one else online because I met her. My overall question, what do you think about this situation and would you continue to see her?


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  • My feeling is, you're only in the early dating stage right now. It's hard to expect someone to only focus on one person at a time early on in a dating relationship. I think you should continue to give her a chance and see if she continues to be honest with you. After awhile longer then I think you can bring up to her that you'd like to try, and for her to try, exclusive dating only each other for a period of time to see if you both are right for each other.


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  • You met online. What else did to expect?

  • If I got this right, you two aren't in a relationship yet, you are just getting to know each other. I understand that you may be worried, especially after that message, but I don't see anything wrong into seeing other people, since you are both not commited into anything.

    I would keep dating her and see if we got along and, in case, if she's serious about it.


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  • No, I wouldn't involve myself with someone like that.

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