Help! I think I'm afraid of kissing?!

One guy kissed me and when or lips connected, I don't know it just didn't feel right so I pulled away. Later I dated another guy and I told him about my problem, we agreed that we/i would practice. So I finally went in for it (I wanted to pull away so badly) he told me the kiss was good and that he thought I would've kissed him on the cheek or a quick peck on the lips. But it still felt so weird.

Is it me? Am I a bad kisser, is it the guys I've kissed? Is out a self conscious thing? I don't have a problem with kissing or getting kissed on other places like the neck/etc. Touch doesn't bother me either, but the lips just bothers me.

How would you say I adjust to kissing, and become a better one.

One more Q, would you say I've already had my first kiss cause I really don't wanna have to remember one of these events as my first kiss.

Please Help!


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  • You just feel insecure. If a guy tells you you're a good kisser, then you really are.


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  • maybe you should try kissing a girl.


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  • Wel yes you did have your first kiss already there's no going around it, you could find someone and when you enjoy kissing consider that as your first Good kiss you enjoyed. Maybe if kissing isn't your thing. Gives out to much emotion and attachment feelings perhaps. Just let your next boyfriend know ahead of time maybe he doesn't like kissing and you'll be perfect together


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