A detective game. Help me solve his confusing behavior please!

1, I met this guy a while ago and I have almost immediately realized he liked me, finds me attractive. Then we started texting on Facebook. After 3 weeks of texting and telling me pretty personal things, he asked me to hang out with him in his quiet workplace.

2, The guy: an introverted, melancholic guy who likes basically the same things as me. he does very special and great things, but he thinks he is a loser because he doesn’t have those things in life people consider important. he hasn’t had a relationship for 3 years and his friends often say things to him like he is suffering for no reason and he should date and stuff. but he doesn’t.

3, I’ve met him 4 times at his workplace an he is very nice with me. he is clearly glad to se eme and to talk to me. I often see his hands shaking and that he is nervous. he always tries to make me laugh for example.

mystery 1: after meeting him at his workplace he started to text less or not text at all but when he sees me he is still glad, behaves the same. why does not he feel the need to text me if we have such great conversations?

mystery 2: he never asked me out. Why? he finds me attractive, he enjoys being with me and I am clearly trying to give signs. I wrote him on Facebook that “it was very nice talking to you today and I would like to meet you again” his answer was “of course, I am at my workplace every day until the end of June.”

mystery 3: clearly, his answer suggests he doesn’t want to go out on a date and I think he knows I like him….why doesn’t he tells me then that he is not into me?

mystery 4: did he friend zone me?


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  • You're not friend zoned. It seems that he's just shy or you never show interest that's why he must be confused whether you're interested in him as well or not.

    • thanks for the answer! well, I texted him first and I am the one always visiting him. last time I even wrote him I want to see him again...apart from this I do feel a bit that he does not know I like him but how can someone be so blind?maybe I am just telling it to myself to ignore the fact he is not into me

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