Where is the best place to go in the USA to work and live?

I live in the UK but I graduate very soon and would love to work in the USA for a year but am trying to decide where I want to go.

I want somewhere fairely warm (but not essential), I was considering California or Miami but I hear that it's highly expensive to make a living there and from the impressions I get, It seems like most the people are highly materialistic and shallow (I could put it an a less offensive way but I don't mean it insulting) which has put me off.

I've been considering Chicago but I'm just going by impression, I have no idea what the people there are generally like or how it is to live. Who knows, I would love to date a girl out there if we clicked, are black women open to dating white men there?

Any recommendations and why?

I will have an undergraduate BA Hons degree in business and management when I graduate so something in that area of work will be what I'm looking for. I think it will only be a year I'm living out there so I am open to taking any relevent experience while there
can people state why they are suggesting what they are suggesting otherwise it isn't helping


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  • The US is very large and diverse. You need to give some idea of what you like. Also different areas are better for different types of work.

    I don't know about Miami, but yea, much of California is very materialistic. I don't know about shallow though. They tend to be very ambitious there and go for the money. A lot of Californians are into the outdoors and spend the highest percentage of time doing outdoor activity than any state. It's a diverse state with big cities, but also skiing (both snow and water), fishing, hiking, camping, etc.

    Florida is nice, but Miami wouldn't be my first pick. I don't like big cities and there is nothing about Miami that appeals to me. I'd go for Jacksonville, St Augustine, Ocala, or somewhere in the panhandle. Pay in Florida isn't all that great.

    Dallas isn't bad for a big city. I haven't heard much recently, but it probably has a better economy than other places. There is a lot of tech companies in Dallas. It'll be hot in the summer. Also, maybe try Austin Tx.

    Denver or Bolder Colorado are nice if you like mountains. Don't know about the job situation there but you can check it out.

    A lot of people who have lived in Seattle really like it. It won't be as warm as further south, but much warmer than the midwest in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    Phoenix is nice, but hot in the summer. Jobs don't pay very well there. But if you like the desert it's nice and has beautiful sunsets and all around color. Diverse geography within a short distance. Pretty easy to get around driving and also a good bus system.

    You might try research triangle in North Carolina. That's the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. A lot of tech work and a few good universities.

    For the Midwest maybe try Columbus Ohio. Growing and clean. One of the largest universities in the country as far as student population...with night life to go with it. Growing tech area and decent all around economy.

    In the deeper south maybe look into Huntsville Alabama. Or not so deep maybe try Oklahoma City or Tulsa. OK City is not some place most Americans would think of, but if they spent a few days there they might change their mind.

    I don't like big cities, but some are worse than others. I'd stay away from places like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and DC. I avoid NYC and LA like the plague just because of their size.

    • really useful! I'm going to look for more answers

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  • Most jobs in the USA are going over seas, Perfect place to live here in the USA is a personal choice, if I had to choose I would live in TN, Nashville (music city)

  • Don't move to California... just don't do it. Great to visit, but not to live.

    • how come? where would you suggest

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    • People in LA are very superficial... what city are you looking at?

    • i'm not sure. I've never been the usa so I can only guess everything

  • Don't move to the USA the jobs are going away.

    • there are less in Europe

    • Well then don't come here and take our jobs.

  • Try austin texas

  • what kind of work?

  • Maine because it is nice


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  • Buddy, you are in for the ride of your life if you decide to live here. We currently have financial issues and have American citizens with college degrees and no job. If you think you can make it and see yourself as a winner in this competition, then go ahead and do it.

    Im telling you right now that some of the big boy companies are changing their hiring laws. They will only hire American citizens, they won't hire working Visas and stuff similar to that. I know for a fact, because my career atm gives me power to hire people for my company.

    • the situation is far worse in Europe, I'm not quite sure how much you know about the EU but much of Europe has a 20% unemployment rate. with spain for example its close to 50%

  • If you want a lot of job opportunities, best place to live in, but would risk having a high cost of living opportunity, you should go to New York.

  • I've heard that Chicago is in quite a bad condition. And America is more ghettoized than Britain.

    Well it depends on what you're looking for. Different states have different cultures, entertainment, economies, scenery, demographics, taxes and so on.

    The Deep South has good weather. The Texas economy is good in some ways. But obviously the South has something of a reputation for being more socially conservative, which might suit you or it might not. Some Brits feel they have more in common with southerners than with northerners.

    If you're particularly interested in dating, New York City has a large surplus of single women. And people seem to be more open about being single and looking for dates than people in Britain are. NYC is obviously great for certain professions too.

    • "America is more ghettoized than Britain."

      You'd have a very hard time finding a ghetto in the US unless you know where to look. The vast majority of cities don't have any at all. I guess that depends on your definition of a ghetto though.

    • Have you ever been to Chicago?