Am I overreacting in this situation?

I was dating this girl for awhile who is beyond awesome and beautiful, We went on a few dates and about to become official as a couple.

We went back to my place, kissing and touching , She kinda turned me on and I was trying to hide it. She pulled out my thing and according to her I'm "hung". She massaged it for awhile with this look on her face like she wasn't turned on anymore.

She randomly said she had to go then left, I text her the following day and 2 days after , not a response back.

What did I do wrong?


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  • Do you notice regular condoms end up halfway up your penis? Is your d*** regular looking to you but you've got huge hands? Get a tape measure, go to this site: link and prepare to find out if you're hung or not.

    If you are hung, nothing is wrong with you. Get partially used to being turned down. One in ten girls will say "what do you think you're going to do with that thing?" and run away.

    Take preventative measures and bring lube and try Kimono large condoms, or probably some of the trojan gold wrapped ones, Magnums, I hated wearing them because they're thicker than hell. Nowadays Magnums come in different types, including thin. I don't believe the hype but would try them in a pinch.

    My first girlfriend in college, the first to rip my heart out and all that, never let me have sex with her. I perfected, absolutely perfected, my oral while I was with her. By the way, think of offering that as an alternative, next time. Said she was date raped by a large guy. Ended up dating some standup comedian that made a point of telling the school newspaper he never told "d*** jokes." Now I think it was a jab.

    She ended up engaged to that a**hole.

    Anyway. When you're older or if you're lucky at your age, you'll find plenty of girls who are very happy to find a hung guy. Some will date you long after you're both bored with the rest of the relationship. I remember The Big One and I having sex right up to the day we signed papers and sold our house, walking out of each others' lives, after planning it out for months - because the rest of it just plain sucked, but she loved riding me.

    Think of it as a p**** anchor. The ones who let you drop anchor in their port don't really want you to pull back out to sea. Ahoy, maytee!


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong. Give her a few more days to figure herself out, and if she's still ignoring/avoiding you, move on. She probably realized you were starting to develop feelings for her and got scared? Honestly, I think the best thing to do is talk to her (in person) and ask her what's going on. Best of luck.

  • You did nothing wrong.

    she may have issues, or something just came up.

    you'll have to wait as u've already texted her . Sorry she took off. that'd be awkward.

    • I hope so, I really like this girl.

    • maybe she felt shed gone too far and wants to reset things.

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  • It seems she's having issues Don't worry, it doesn't have any bearing with you.

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