Does anybody here believe in ESP?

Do you believe in it? A couple of weeks ago I met this girl on a business trip. I kind of started liking her from getting to know her a little. I knew I was showing some signs unconditional since I'm bad with signalling, but I just felt a connection with her, like this force that was pulling me forward to her. It felt strong, anyways, she didn't like me. Actually, she pretty much didn't want anything to do with me. That's what came to my conclusion when my coworker and I was at the airport and my coworker insisted he text her from my phone, her none reply told me all that I needed to know. A few days later heading home from my best friend cousin's daughter first birthday, my other friend tells me to go to his house, but when I got there he wasn't home. I went home and took a nap and my friend texts me, and while I was napping I attempted to text him back, mistakenly send her the message because my coworker text her from my phone a few days earlier and my phone is garbage and always messing up. The thing is the message I sent her by mistake said, "I went to your house, and you weren't there". I went back to sleep then received a call from my former employer asking why did I go to her house and how do I know where she lives, of course I'm clueless of what's going on and why both her and my former employer has me on a three way call. Of course I did not do it on purpose, and after a few minutes of them interrogating me, they got the point. Anyways it's been like a month and a half and haven't seen her till yesterday, I was walking into whole foods as she was walking out, she was about 30 feet away from me. Of course I avoided making eye contact with her, but I also did not feel that connection anymore either. I mean I was happy not to, but that just brings me to my question, do you think ESP is real? I'm sorry for the long story, but would like your comment on that as well!


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  • This is a touchy one to field.

    I've gotten crushes on younger women who were then creeped out because all they could see when they looked at me was this old guy.

    I remember being young and thinking the same way. Someone in my office would be ten years older, and I'd think, "God, I hope I'm not a loser working this job when I'm his age."

    Here's the deal: we all look at others superficially sometimes. Not everyone is going to be deep enough to take the time to see the real you.

    She did not see you. Maybe she saw a hair style she didn't like. Before she ignored your text, she, not you, was responsible for the rejection. Something in her head - which is what opinions, or other commitments, etc. are. Things in people's heads that prevent them from going out, and have nothing to do with us.

    So she thinks of you as some weirdo. That doesn't make you one, but in her mind, there's a thumbnail of you with the footnote: "Weirdo who said he came to my house after he tried to text me and didn't get the hint. Now he's stalking me at the supermarket."

    Now, as to ESP: you might be referring to coincidences that aren't related, really. The mistake on the phone that resulted in her alarm could have been your subconscious intention. Probably didn't intend to be alarming (hopefully...), but texting her, or communicating in some way was on your mind. Thus the fingers make the mistake the heart wants to.

    Seeing her at the grocery store would not be anything more than a coincidence, a moment where you could have made a connection with her, had there not been the texting events. So now your subconscious mind is regretful. It's pushing you to think there is some connection caused by ESP, because deep down, you don't want to feel the embarrassment of knowing what her mental picture of you is.

    It's simply easier on your mind if all this happened because of some larger purpose, or meaning. Anything to give hope a chance.

    You're absolutely normal. Don't freak out because of what I've said. Just mull it over.

    Don't make her out to be The Most Important Potential Love of Your Life. She's obviously got issues, if she contacted the boss to have him/her call you. Be happy, you've dodged a bullet.

    • Some good advice! I don't think she thinks I'm stocking her at the supermarket though, we live in two different counties, and she came to my city which is like a hour drive from where she is.when I was referring to esp, I was actually thinking about that feeling even on the business trip, so it's not something that I'm just making an excuse now.

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    • Thank you for your input!

    • No prob. I sensed you needed it. Just kidding. I'm playing with the concept so much lately for the book, that I see every coincidence as an opportunity to write it in somewhere. Carl Jung discusses the concept of Synchronicity - as a writer playing with philosophical and psychological concepts, he's a good read: link Also, check out the links on the Wikipedia page. There are a lot of others. link

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  • Yes

  • I believe a person can have a strong connection with another person, But I believe it's an anointing on these people that comes from God . I truly believe , That two people could be made for each other . But I think that connection will be strong on them both , And a lot of times theirs a sign when you both have this feeling that you can't shake .

    • So was I feeling infatuation then? Since she didn't feel that way with me?

    • Possibly , Sometimes you've to look at a person situation . Was she involved with someone , Getting out of a relationship , Or just bad timing . You just have to spend time with her to really know , But if she specifically told you she's not interested . I wouldn't bother , It's only coming from you .

    • She said she was single, and looked pretty happy through out the trip.

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  • no, I don't believe in bullsh*t.

  • No, I don't believe in them. You can like initiate ESP if you could pick up on small signals and you will piece the whole thing together and get a whole picture at it. It's like looking up an almost complete jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing.