Am I reading too much into his sudden texting?

I've completely fallen for a guy who I had a casual sexual relationship with. We managed to remain friends, even after a major fight, and now we're back to being flirty.

Recently he confessed that he was still very into me via text. We have sent occasional flirty text in the past, but this was more intense, and lasted all night. One of the things that bothered me about our casual relationship before is how he would be so flirty via Facebook chat /phone texts one minute, and then almost ignore me the next. When his mood changed I would feel kind of rejected.

Now, for the past 3 days, he's been texting me flirty messages everyday, and throughout the day. I know part of it is him wanting to get back into my pants, but it seems like way too much work to put in for a mere booty call.

I've also been a little cautious in how much I encourage him which I hope does not scare him away.

It feels like he can't stop thinking about me, and I know I can't stop thinking about him. Could that just be wishful thinking on my part? It's not like he's texting me to meet up with him in that moment. I know the flirtatious texting is a lot of fun for both of us, but am I overestimating what fun is for him?

I want to just take things as they are in the moment, but I can't stop thinking about his sudden shift in behavior. It's as if once he confessed he felt more comfortable.

I know you guys can't read his mind, I just wonder what you think.


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  • You're not reading too much. The text are just fine, and it's really quite clear that both of you are into each other.


What Girls Said 1

  • Some guys will say or do anything for SEX,and YES...I think you're reading too far into it.

    Him saying,"He's is still very into you" is a nice way of saying he is into your BODY and the casual relationship you guys have.That in no way translates to him wanting an exclusive long term anything.Btw,I stay up sometimes and text friends and it means nothing other than friendship.

    All I see here,is a guy who fought with his "sex supplier",and now all he wants to do is make sure he doesn't do anything to cut that supply OFF.So why not butter her up,talk to her,smooth things out,so he can get some MORE. That's about it.

    Casual sex relationships RARELY if ever turn into an actual substantial relationship.

    Good luck.