Would he say it if he didn't mean it?

Would a guy say that he wasn't planning on seeing anyone else but and would of course see you (loosly exclusive - not confirmed) if he didn't mean it?

I've been on a couple of dates with this guy and we've slept together but after he said he wasn't planning on seeing anyone else he went back on the dating website we met on, and he hasn't really been texting much saying he's busy. I get the feeling he either isn't looking for a relationship at all or maybe I've scared him off but if he is and we like each other what's the problem? Any ideas?


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  • Guys would definitely say that without meaning it. I can't say if he's lying or not, but going on a dating website is a red flag. You should ask him why he feels the need to use a dating website when he claims to want only u.

    When he answers, use the following test to see if he's lying (this works for most thingswithinj relationships)

    1- Every1 has an internal B.S. detector. If you think he's BS-ing, he probably is

    2-If he passes the BS detector test, give your BFF a sit-rep (make sure she knows all the details) and ask her if she thinks he's BS-ing.

    I really don't see a reason why a dude would use a site like that unless he wants to get laid. Men who are looking for a LTR/ wife generally don't use those sites. This is why 95% of the girls profiles say "If you wanna get laid, look somewhere else", and 95% of the dudes on those sites just wanna get laid.

    • I know people who have used dating websites and are in LTR now. Am I not going to come across as a stalker if I ask him why he is still using it after two dates...will that not come across as a red flag to him about me? What if I asked him, why he isn't planning on seeing anybody else? Is it because he just wants to see me?

    • No, you won't come across as a stalker. If he is really commited 2 u, he will not use those sites.

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  • Yes, he could say it even if didn't mean it IF he's an a**hole. Which you can't know yet since you've only been on 2 dates. Now did he say this BEFORE or AFTER you slept with him?

    • He said he wanted more than just sex before and after he said he had no plans on seeing anyone else just working and seeing me but he's not texting as much since I mentioned seeing other people, but I didn't ask him to stop seeing anyone.

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    • Well now you've probably ruined it...think about it the other way around. If a guy gave you an ultimatum, would you feel MORE or LESS attracted to the guy?

    • I really don't think he was interested. Why not reply and say, I'm sorry I've been busy, I like you stop worrying instead of saying he's been busy and then going back to not texting again. He was chasing me before slept with me, and before I mentioned more. If he really liked me he'd understand it from my point of view. Everyone has insecure moments, he said he liked girls who were a little needy.

  • It seems that he just want some casual hookup with you.


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  • The sex wasn't good enough?

    When you get the "I'm busy" texts that's the best giveaway of "IM NOT SO INTERESTED IN YOU."

    But of course, days, weeks down the road, he might shoot you a text wanting you to hang out with him or whatever, but remember, its JUST TO GET IN YOUR PANTS.. again. :)