We haven't talked since he got into a relationship..

So I've known this guy for like 5months and a half(I kinda have a crush on him),we were so close,we used to talk almost everyday(2 day break max).He used to call me chicken,used emoticons(:*) ,we've talked private stuff,he said he really enjoys talking to me. We've gone out 2 times.At the begining of our talks he said if I was the same on the date as on the internet he would accept to be with me and I was the same. We even asked personal questions,laughed,so fun.Last week I was crushed when he sent me a text and while we talked he said "give like to my relationship status".I told him"so I guess we won't talk that often ,because your girlfriend will get mad" and he said" she's not that type"..The next day he acted so cold,no more chicken,no more emoticons and he hasn't texted me for 6 days..I sent him a message on fb (not on mobile) :hey,how are you. he saw it the next day and nothing! I hate him so much right now. I mean who the hell says he has fun chatting with me and talks to me everyday and the stop so suddenly?It's like he doesn't even care anymore...He was the only thing that kept me away from sadness and now he won't send anything! WHat should I do...?I miss him.I miss talking to him.


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  • "I told him"so I guess we won't talk that often ,because your girlfriend will get mad" and he said" she's not that type".."

    NO girlfriend is OK with a guy sweet talking girls on the side

    well the problem is he's got a girlfriend. so you are always going to be in the position of the other woman until he breaks up with her and that's not really a good place to be.

    perhaps his girlfriend got wise to what was goign on and put a stop to it. perhaps he just realized that what he was doing is wrong and stopped. Or perhaps he's busy and doesn't have time...nonetheless you are in a tough position of being the outsider.

    It doesn't really matter why he stopped but what's more important is the reality check of a relationship with a guy who involved in a relationship...

    • I don't get it because they's have been together for a week or 2 maybe ,so how did she found out about us talking?

    • maybe she saw him online or saw his phone...or perhaps he just had a crisis of conscience sweet talking you while he had a gf.

    • regardless you should want a guy who gives you his undivided attention and isn't being disloyal to his partner. A guy who will sweet talk a girl beyond his gf's back is bad news since it shows that either he is a player or at least always trying to keep his options open.

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  • Let him go. Clearly he wasn't worth your time. He also isn't too intelligent, because chances are you are acting different from internet/texting from real life, because you are nervous and more cautious until you get more used to hanging around the person and being with them.

  • You shouldn't bother with him anymore. He's not going back.


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