Boyfriend of 8 months ignoring me after a fight

My boyfriend of 8 months is completely ignoring me. It's been 5 days with no contact.

We got into a stupid fight about him always wanting to do things on his schedule and him being inconsiderate towards me. I was trying to have a conversation but he blew up, got really defensive, and went on the attack. I asked if we could cool down and talk about it and he told me to get out of the car (we were in front of my building), and he'd cool down alone. He text me an hour later asking if I'd be OK getting to bed? (I guess that meant if I was ok). I text back "yes" and left it at that (meaning I'm OK, not a big deal). I didn't hear from him the next day and decided not to reach out since he needed time to cool off. The following day I sent a short funny email saying I hate fighting about something so stupid. Heard nothing back. I let another day pass, then text him saying I'm sorry and I miss you. Nothing. I called and he didn't pick up, so I left a message saying I haven't heard from you so I wanted to make sure you're OK, please call or shoot me a text. Nothing.

Our fight happened Wednesday night, it's now Monday. We've never gone this long without talking. I'm of course, panicking and thinking he's done. I know I need to not contact him anymore and leave him be.

How long should I wait before assuming we're done and this is his way of breaking up with me? Should I contact him again in a week or so?

We've been getting along better than ever recently. Just last week he told me I'm not just his girlfriend, I'm his future and he's the luckiest guy in the world. I can't believe he'd walk away from me over one fight but he's stubborn and hates conflict. We're 28 and 31 if that matters.

Help! :)


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  • Let him come back to you.

    Don't make the first move. He's the inconsiderate on here.


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