Am I just a rebound to him?

So there's this guy. That's how all of these posts start, right? We've become great friends and we've gotten to know each other. We've met each others' families, learned all about each others' pasts, the good and the bad. Also the ugly. He was in an on again off again relationship with this girl who basically treats him like crap. She never calls him unless its to check up on him and when she does that she blows his phone up. All they did was fight. They've been broken up for a while now and I'm here for him as his friend because I can see that he is very upset about it. He texted me today that he was devastated when she said she hated him because he said he loves her and wants to marry her. I don't know if he's upset about the break up or if he is serious about it because later he said he was silly to say that. [Sidenote: he has admitted to me before that he had this huge crush on me and wants to date me].

Later today we met up and things got a little heated and we didn't go to far because we were in a park. I said that I didn't want to be the rebound and he was great about that and apologized. He has had feelings for me for a while too but I don't know if he still has those feelings and wants to date me or if he just wants a rebound?

Turns out he was just playing me for sex.


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  • It seems that you're just a rebound for now since his feelings for his ex is so strong.

    You should give it time. Go for dates at first.


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  • You should give it time