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Why men pull away when everything seems great?

We've been dating for three months. Nothing's official yet, though all of his friends keep saying we need to, and I've met his family. We have good chemistry, enjoy one another's company, rarely argue, and a couple weeks ago we'd made plans to hang out with his family.

And then...he cancels. The texting stops abruptly, though he still answers when I initiate texts. He's given me no indication that I've done something wrong. The last time I saw him was on good terms, we'd made plans, everything seemed cool.

Then today I read something interesting about this man withdrawal phenomenon, lol: he's pulling away because he likes you too much or is, heaven forbid, falling in love (doubtful, but maybe he's withdrawing because the relationship we have is advancing?) And I think, had I gone to hang out with him and his family for a weekend, that would have advanced the dating to the next level, and that may have freaked him out. That's why he canceled last minute.

So anyway, my questions are 1) is this reason for withdrawal legit, and have you dudes done this before? and 2) should I be worried? Is he so afraid of commitment that he'll get turned off and start playing the field again?

Give me your thoughts, peeps. Right now, I'm playing it cool, letting him have his space, but this is really bugging me.
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He has been silent for almost a week, and said he canceled on me 'cause he was busy. Well, the weekend came and went and still nothing, so I texted him to make sure things were okay. He said they were. Very curt convo. So I was curious and checked his dating profile (we met there) and it said he'd recently been online. So...he's clearly still looking...which kinda shows me that he may have lost interest in me.

But if that's the case, why not just be straightforward and tell me it's over? Ugh
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Damn, just read this: link

Perfect to my situation. Maybe that's my answer.
Why men pull away when everything seems great?
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