What do you make of these contacts by my ex girlfriend?

We dated for 2 years and she left me for someone else. She is 21 and the other guy is 30. She told me she wants me gone from her life for good but she kept contacting me.

She called me to talk about a "doctors appointment" the first time. The convo quickly went to catching up and I told her how I changed because of the break up. She then said why I couldn't be like that while we were dating. Then I told her I want to look into dating people more like me (engineers, doctors) and she exploded on me saying that we were great together despite her not being an engineer. I told her she never appreciated me and engineering. The convo went on for 45 minutes when she had a boyfriend.

Then 2 weeks later she sends me a message on Facebook (when were not friends) wishing me luck on my licensing exam. I think she did this to prove to me that she appreciates me and engineering.

Then 2 weeks later she sends me a text and here is the convo:

Her: "I'm sorry for hurting you. I never wanted to hurt you. Anyways, I'm really proud of you Congrats on graduation. It's weird to think I don't even know when I'll see you next. I miss everyone...I wish you the best."

Me: No Reply

Her: "I'm sorry for texting you when you didn't even want me to respond in the first place, but I just wanted you to know that."

Me: "I don't know what to say right now but ill let you know when I have sometime to think about it"

Her: "You don't have to say anything. I just wanted you to know that I am proud of all your hard work. "

Me: "I don't think you ever realized that I sacrificed my fun for the last 2 years so I can have a job that pays a median salary of 90,000. I sacrificed my last 2 years so I never have to worry about money. So my future family doesn't have to worry. I did it so my future wife (which most likely would have been you) didn't have to work. I did it so I could have my dream house, dream car and take dream vacations. I sacrificed a lot of my college for that and I don't think you ever realized it."

Her: "I don't want to start texting because it will just complicate things and its not fair to anyone. I said what I wanted you to know."

I texted the next day saying we need to have a heart to heart but she told me she doesn't want to talk to me and her boyfriend is rightfully pissed...so she blocked my Facebook...

I've been blocked for 3 weeks now and ya the second time she has blocked me. She unblocked me before the phone call. But she has blocked my phone since the break up...go figure


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  • It seems that she's just congratulating you and apologizing for hurting you.

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