Is he denying his feelings, and if so, why?

This guy I had been "seeing" (used loosely) for a while denies he ever felt anything. Even when I bring up things he said and did in the very beginning, he denies it and tells me, "it's all in your head". However, in the same breath, he will say how he doesn't trust me and being up old spats in which we argued because he thought I was talking to someone else. I kept calling him out on it, but then he would switch and start to get cold and again, deny everything. I even have text messages from him when he was lovey-dovey and romantic and whatnot. A part of me feels as though he is carrying a torch for his ex, because it seems like he chooses to grieve and remain single in case she comes back (then of course, he turns around and denies THAT)

So is he denying his feelings, and if so, why?


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  • as long as he doesn't care about you let him do whatever he wants, let him fall into the same pit he once fell into.

    live your life and enjoy it


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  • It's quite clear that he has no feelings for you.


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