If you have or is on a dating site...

how often do you check your messages?

if you are very busy do you still check everyday.

i check everyday, because I get bored, not necessarily trying to meet anyone lol since I started dating someone...

once you started to date someone, how often would you still check?



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  • The mobile app tell me when I have a new message, and if I'm not too busy, I'll check it out and reply if I'm feeling it. I'll keep my account up, accepting messages, and meeting guys until I decide I've found the guy I want to get serious about. At that point, I update my status, update my bio, then deactivate my account and stop incoming messages.


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  • I often check them every day, even if I'm busy.

    • What if you kinda start dating someone and. Likes her

What Girls Said 1

  • I haven't used a dating site in a long time, about 2 years.

    When I did use one, I would check my messages every day. After I started seeing someone, I stopped checking them completely. I was seeing someone, so it didn't occur to me to check.

    • i still check but I don't talk to anyone...i noticed the guy check like once a week. I am not sure if he checks on me or for himself.

      he told me he was't talking to anyone. then also asked if I am still talking to other people. I noticed one time he hasn't been on for like a whole week...right after he met with me (a great date out with him)...he checked ... then off of it for another week...so hah..i guess I can ask him ..but it seem to me he was checking on me lol

      thank you for your answer.

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