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What to do with a guy who I met through online dating says he moving to another country to his ex and leaving his two kids here which are to another girl. He did say ages ago that she rang him but thought nothing of it. can't seem to get him out of my head and no never had this problem before usually I get on with my life. Should I wish him well and all that other crap, he has texted me since moving over there but nothing of the sort well not that I know of any signs of him wanting me back. What should I do ignore his text messages and wish him well or answer his text messages or is he just playing me?


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  • Ignore his text messages. It almost sounds like one of those dumb online scams but even dumber. He's a waste of time and space.

  • You should just ignore him. He's already moving and there's no hope that you two will ever meet again.

    • His family and kids live near me so its not like he's not going to bump into me at some point.

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