I like a guy but hates the way he way he texts?

I seriously like this guy who is a year younger than me (which is okay, I guess) but when he textes me I feel like I am texting a child and it bothers me. In person he is all serious but in text...



LOL. love IT!


But I text like this:

I wish I could go to the carnival this year but I do not know. I hate cheese.

What should I do to get over this? >.<


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  • Well, you said he is younger than you, and it says your under 18 so you guys are both pretty young. I mean majority of people text like that/or have their own form of texting.

    (but it does kind of seem weird tge examples you gave are more like how girls txt)

    The only people I know that don't are adults, txting all boring, with complete sentences and periods.

    Txting is suppose to be fun and unique, it's almost like a second language that we have. With acronyms to shorten our words. Jusr think of it this way everyone has a different voice/accent this is the way that he "sounds."

    But if it truly bothers you eitger tell you how you feel, or don'r respond to his txts. ASA he sends youthat first message dial his #, and talk on the phone instead. If he asks why won't you text me, tell him I don't really like txting, I like talkinh more, or I just really want to here your voice.

    I hope this helps,

    xoxo Monae

    • Thank you everybody!

    • I'm sorry I'm extra late just wanted to say Thanks for selecting mines as BA =)

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  • Just tell him that his way of texting bothers you. Perhaps, you can get a valid explanation from him.


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  • I'd try to limit the amount I text him. Call him instead! Or, you could drop some subtle hints about how it annoys you when people text like that.

  • Don't text him. Call instead. Who cares if he texts stupid. If you think about it, it's just a text, doesn't mean much.

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