Don't know if this guy actually interested in me or not..

There is a guy that I met a week ago, he texted me first but doesn't keep texting everyday

he keep saying that he want to see me and after I agreed he just stopped texting for days, I did try to text him first once and he suggested again that we should meet up, and then just stop texting for a day after I said yes

I don't know if he is just trying to be nice or he is interested in me but shy.. but he haven't actually ask me out

I don't know if I should text him again or not..


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  • Superficially it seems he does like you, but if he's not following through now, it's not the greatest sign for what to expect should you two get together.

    Guy will typically go after what they want (within reason) and you are definitely not playing hard to get. It is highly satisfying to get something you want...and an ego boost! I'm not saying this is the right way or the only way. You can also try to solidify plans for a date, but if he gives into the "hunter" mentality, he won't like having the chase taken from him (but obviously, he's not very adept at hunting...)

    Since he's shown he's capable of making some moves...he's also capable of making more moves...and hopefully, the right moves. Like making sure you know he's interested and coordinating specific details for the date. Proceed with caution, he seems capricious, flakey.

    • thanks for your answer! it make me feel much better now

      I might try to solidify plans for a date, just afraid that would make me look like eager or desperate ..

      Thanks anyway !

    • Another possible action: don't respond immediately to his texts (don't take hours though) and refuse the first suggested time for the date...because you are an awesome busy gal with lots of things going on and he needs to take some care to schedule himself into your life. Hopefully he'll realize that if he wants you, he has to try harder! I know this seems like a game, but it does require finesse to date sometimes!

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  • It seems he's just a friend to you.


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  • A text is just a text. It's what you do and say in person that matters. Sounds to me like he's interested because he wants to meet up. So go hang out with him!

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