How do I make myself not text him?

Every night for about two weeks, I've been texting this guy that I met online. I always text him first and he always get the last word. I feel like I'm more emotionally involved then he is and wonder if I should stop texting him even though he is sweet. Any tips on how I can resist the urge to text him at night?


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  • Why don't you right down his number in an address book, then delete his number out of your phone. That way you would have to physically get up and get his number to text him. Sometimes in that few extra seconds, we can change our minds. Also turn off your phone.

    • Thanks for the BA! And *right should be write. Ahh autocorrect you suck! Haha

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  • Why would you resist the urge? He might not fall for you anymore, and your relationship might not blossom.

  • make yourself involved in some other work, if there isn't any try watching a movie or something.

    besides texting him too much might feel like you are hitting on him and he might make the advantage out of it. think of it and know when to text :)


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