Is there a point to this dance? Or am I just being played?

So there is this guy I have had feelings for since I was ten he was my next door neighbor and best he haas been a constant object of my ofection for 8 years even when we werent speaking. We said wewere dating even though we were children and didn't even kiss. Well I ended up moving away. Then a few years later we ran into each other again. That let to a couple kisses and I almost though we were dating but, he had an off and on girlfriend.Then he started not talking to me as much and we stopped talking. That pattern continues we get close then fall out. He has a baby, a baby mama and a kinda on and off girlfriend (who he says he don't know if he loves, he just don't want to hurt her) I suppose. A couple months ago me and him kissed and almost slep together and we were both dating people, the confusion of that kiss made break it off with the guy I was dating and I kinda hoped he would do the same. there came a point when I practically dating . Then he got in a wreck and stopped talking to me again. Then we seemed to just be friends again... Then one night a couple weeks ago when we were both tired we almost had sex on my living room floor again. Me and him have hanged out twice since then and we were back to acting like friends. He told me he was afraid of being alone with me because we might not stop if we kiss again. He kissed me on the forehead Sunday but that's the extent of it. He has admit he loves me last time was earlier this month. I still consider him one of my best friends. I am so afraid to losing him.People call him heartless but I see him break and iworry about him. I just want him to be happy even if its not with me. His sister and his dad and even some of friends of his say they thing me am him should be together. His dad this weekend told me I was number 3 and I should have been number one my guy just doesn't realize it yet. he said baby mamma was number one and posing girlfriend is 2. Do I mean anything to him? We I ever be more that number three? should I give up trying? I have tried getting over him but Haven't been able to and I naver quite felt what I do for him with anyone else, maybe it is just because he is just the only block of my childhood I have left or maybe there is some deeper sybolism behind my feelings or something.I can't move on because of these feelings.What should I do do? Is he playing with me or does he ligit care or is he just confused?


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  • I'm assuming you're both young here (as in late teens/early 20s)? Sounds like he hasn't quite grown up...going back and forth from on girl to another without knowing what he really wants.

    He said he loves you, but he's still acting wishy-washy. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you want. Yes, you want him, but can you wait it out for if/when he decides whether or not he wants you?

    Ask him. Ask him what he wants. If he doesn't know, tell him that he's been leading you on and it isn't fair to you. Then make your decision.

    • Thank you, all it seems like is waiting and that what I thought he just has no clue what wants yet

    • You're welcome. I hope it works out, whatever may happen.

      And thanks for BA : )

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  • It seems that you're just a close friend to him. Don't do anything.


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