Does he want to get back together, or is it just his man pride?

so I dated this guy for over six months. we were going really well until about the fourth month, when we started to fight a lot. we would always make up and be stronger than ever, but then we would fight again. it was an awful cycle.

anyways, over spring break we both were going to different places--i was going to australia, him to peru. we knew we wouldn't be able to talk very much, but he promised me that he would call/text/email me.

well, I never got anything from him. it was no big--i figured maybe his international phone wasn't working, maybe he was busy, whatever. but when I got home, I noticed he had had facebook access and had contacted others, but not me. he also waited almost 24 hours to try and contact me after we both were home, yet he still facebooked other people.

i got angry, and our first conversation after a peaceful week apart was a fight. I asked him if he even still cared about me, and he avoided the question. we ignored each other for a full week, and then I broke it off after hints from him that he wanted to end it too.

at school the next week, I was acting completely normal, but he seemed hurt. he made a rude and hurtful comment to me, being a jerk, and after school he texted me and said he was sorry. he then went on to ask if I was interested in this other boy at our school. I said no, and he didn't respond.

the next day, he texted me again, telling me that another boy was interested in me, and that I shouldn't date him because the boy would "ruin my life," but that he didn't care "if or who I rebounded to." I said I wasn't a rebound kind of girl, and he didn't respond.

today, he was mean to me again and made another remark. I don't understand. him telling me not to date other people made me think that he still cared about me, and maybe he'd wanted it to end too suddenly without thinking about it. maybe he wants to get back together?

however, it might also be his man pride talking, (he wouldn't want me to date too soon) which could be true since he's been being mean to me.

i don't get it! what do you think?


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  • ...I think, he still likes you, but doesn't know it. You know, like the saying "you never know what you have, until it's gone" And yes, I'm sure his man pride is interfering with his actions also. But if he is constantly a jerk, it isn't his man pride. It's him.

    • Thats true...its only been just over a week since we broke it off though.

      do you think maybe he's still hurting about it and that's why he's being mean? its just weird because I totally got the vibe from him on our last week that he didn't even care about me he just wanted it to end but didn't want to be the one to do it. why would he all of a sudden change his mind?

    • Yes, he still could be hurtuing. I don't think he changed his. He probably just realized he still likes you.

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  • if he can't have you, he doesn't want anyone else to. it doesn't usually mean he wants you back, he's just playing childish games.


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  • im with Ioddo. he doesn't really want you but he doesn't want you with anyone else eather in short he doesn't want you happy and like Ioddo said he's playing childish games.

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