Jealous when you are single and your friends have good dates? normal?

i was shopping for my friend and she has a date so she was looking for a dress for the date.

i am bloated from my period and I am single right now so it makes me feel fat and disgusting so seeing her go on a date and looking for a dress and looking skinny, in all honestly makes me so jealous. as a friend I am happy for her but it makes me feel SO bad about myself and kind of jealous that I am alone.

is it bad that I feel this way? I honestly just wanted to leave and I hope she has fun but I don't want to talk about her date.


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  • I think it's a pretty common feeling among girls. Less so among guys.

    Rather than letting jealousy get to you, try being pro-active. Go out and meet new guys. Take initiative.

    There's no shame in asking your friends for tips either. Guys ask each other for tips very often.

    • She met him on a dating site. I get plenty of guys from there too but so far no one right.

    • You've got to work out what's right for you. Dating sites feature all kinds of guys, so really if you feel you haven't found the right guy, maybe you're not giving them enough of a chance. I messaged many girls. I got no replies even though I'm intelligent, 'cute'/'hot' (according to girls in real life), employed and with a good personality. So I gave up online dating. It's much easier to be successful with girls in real life, probably because it's easier to be 'flashy' in real life.

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  • Yes, it's normal, but you shouldn't feel bad since a guy will always find its way to you.


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  • What your feeling is totally normal, so don't feel bad about it. We all have points in our lives where we feel jealous or just have low self esteem and compare ourselves to other women.

    I do the same thing whenever I feel low, I begin to compare my life to my best friends, then I begin to feel extremely jealous and resent her because she seems better in ever way possible. But then I begin to feel better about myself and things change.. Its just complicated female problems

  • I don't get jealous of other girls ever.