Does this guy like me?

Okay, so this guy loves attention, is like a "bad boy" some would say, and is very quiet and awkward. We have been friends for 2 months now but we only text each other because I get SUPER nervous when I'm around him. We hung out at a mall before but because of his quiet and awkward personality it was, well, awkward and quiet. we text each other all the time for the longest time and its never really awkward. Here is the twist, he KNOWS that I like him because some people decided to tell him but we still text a lot and after almost every single message he has a :p face. I even try to hang out with him so ill ask him if he is free for summer because I want to hang out with him and he always says "i souldnt have anything planned :p" On the other hand he doesn't text me first and never has great ideas to talk about. I asked my friend if he ever texts her first since she is really good friends with him and she said he doesn't text her first either. Thanks for the help! :D


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  • It's vague if he likes you, though one thing's clear. He likes hanging out with you.


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