How long till you can date again?

question explains all


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  • There is no time on this. Every one is different. I think you should always leave it a couple of weeks minimum before dating again. You need to wait until you have forgotten and moved on from the ex and feel ready to meet someone else. You will know when the time is right.

    Also to be able to date sucessfully you need to be able to be happy in your self and cope with being independant and single.

    You are still really young at the moment so I would not worry to much about dating. You have plenty of time for that in the future when you have grown up. Just concentrate on school and having fun with your friends for now. When the time is right and you least expect it you will meet someone else.


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  • wen you feel comfortable to date again. wen ever your ready

    • Yes WHEN you are ready

    • Yah Id say when you can say to ur self that ur over him/her honestly and without bursting out in tears !!! But id say try to make that as soon as you can unless it was a very long relationship like a load of months !!!

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