Creative ideas for a date?

Hey guys and girls!

So, to give you an idea of the context: my boyfriend and I are both 17 year olds living in Athens, Greece. We're both pretty simple and relaxed people who enjoy the little things and neither of us are exactly rolling around in truckloads of cash.

Next Friday we're hitting one year together and instead of making a huge ordeal about it, I would rather just go on a more creative and unusual date. Only problem is... I'm not very creative. So this is where you come in: any suggestions, please?


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  • A hike and a picnic? Or, get in the car and drive. Where you end up is where you stop and explore. If you don't own cars - can you take a train to an unexplored location? Look online for last minute deals.

    • Unfortunately Athens doesn't have a sophisticated enough transport system to take us anywhere unexpected and neither of us own a car, but I really like your ideas :) I suppose if he's up to it there's a beautiful place in the centre that I've rarely been to and we could explore, and there's also a mountain nearby, so I'll definitely be taking this into consideration. Thank you!

    • You are welcome...have fun!

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  • Go to dance classes and go to a nearby cafe afterwards.

    • That's a really nice idea but unfortunately I'm already a dancer and he is... Ahem... Not... By any stretch. But thank you anyway!

  • Go to a strip club


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