Would you date a girl or be friends with benefits w/a girl that has a kid?

I meet this girl recently that is awesome. I didn't know until the last few days that she has a kid. The daddy isn't in the picture so to speak. I pretty much liked everything about her until the kid bomb was dropped. I think I still like her even with her having a kid. I have always thought that I would never get involved more than friends with a girl that has a kid. She is 23 and the kid is 2 years.

I am just not sure what to do. We have a lot in common...we was pretty open with each other about what we are looking for in a relationship and we was pretty open about sex in this relationship that we started, or attempted to start, upfront. We both want a long term relationship and we was going to start out a normal relationship and see if it would lead to a long term relationship. To say the least...I am not that experienced in the bed and she is cool with that and she kinda likes it to tell the truth. It turned her on a lot for some reason...I would have thought it would have turned her off, but it didn't. She has said what she wants to do to, or for me...haha and we both have talked about our fantasies...lol. We was talking about making some of our fantasies come true right before the kid bomb shell was dropped. My schedule was already known and the way it is we aren't going to be able to see each other until Sunday this week so I have a few days to think this over. She is a little Latino and I have always had a thing for Latinos and I have always wanted to date and yes have sex with a Latino...dunno why! Just have!

I am looking for advice from people I don't know. My friends and brother all say just be friends, but don't start a relationship. Some friends have said to just be friends and possibly f*** buddy or friends with benefits. I am not about to talk to any other family member other than my brother so that is why I came here!


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  • I vote no to FWB, and think very, very, very carefully about dating her.

    There's a kid involved.

    This kid does not need to get attached to someone as a father figure only to see the guy bail out. Any girl who'd subject her kid to anything close to this possibility doesn't deserve to be called a mother.

    This kid does not need any more drama in his life. Kids from single-parent homes have much higher rates almost every problem you can name: dropping out of school, crime, using drugs.

    • We talked about this already...the kid seeing me and possibly getting attached to me as father figure. I am not a father figure...lol. She already said that she wouldn't bring the kid when we go out or when we just hang out at her place. She moved back in w/her parents temp while her house is being renovated so it isn't a problem right now for her parents to watch the kid.

      Would you date a girl that had a kid or would you become FWB? She is awesome & we have a lot in common about a lot of tihngs

  • go out with her on dates but try to make someone from her friends babysitting the kid, don't make him attached to you unless you want a long term with her.

    • Well we planed to go on our first date this Sunday and she did get a babysitter for both Saturday & Sunday...pretty much all day both days. We had talked about doing something Saturday, but it isn't set in stone yet. I already told her that when we go out that she needs to get a babysitter and she was cool with that. She said she wouldn't think of going out and taking her kid.

      She said her family members agreed to watch the kid when we go out.

    • Thats good.

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