How can you tell for sure if...

How can you tell for sure if your friend's significant other is reading you all's texts?

In the situation with my friend his girlfriend confronted me about things she had been hearing from other people. They were not true at all. At the end of the conversation she says "I know what you'll talk about, because I read y'alls text." At that point even though what she had been wasn't true, I was more mad at her statement that she read our texts. That's my personal business I talk about with, my relationship problems, and what not. But if she read our texts she shouldn't have confronted me because what she was hearing from people who didn't like me and seeing what we talked about should have been enough to know it wasn't true.


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  • Wait, you talk to your friend's boyfriend about your relationship problems? You need to be talking to your boyfriend about your relationship problems, not some other dude.

    • No, my friend is the guy. His girlfriend confronted me, thinking I wanted her boyfriend whom is the kind of guy that I would date.

    • Ok, you still shouldn't be bringing your relationship problems to him.

    • I meant wouldn't... Okay there's more than one type of relationship... there's relationship between family members, there's romantic relationships and what not. I would just get advice and his opinions on things... Like if I wanted to tell somebody something I'd run by him to see how it sounded and what not.

  • She's so insecure. You should just ignore this attitude of her.


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