Why would he delete me, but still try to get my attention?

We started hooking up last summer after we both just got out of long term relationships. I had feelings for him from the beginning, but since I hadn't been single in over 6 years, I definitely wasn't trying to pursue anything and was okay to try the "casual sex" thing. We got along great, I'd hang out with him and his friends on the weekend, went to a few shows together, almost like a "friends with benefits" situation. He was always my go to drunk text. Never anything out of character, just a simple "hey what are you doing", but guess it was a little too often as he started growing distant. Some odd months past, would still talk to here and there, but not a lot. I found out he had hit on one of my friends, and it hurt. At this point, I had fallen head over heels for him and knew that it wasn't what he wanted from me, so I told him how I felt and that I was going to try and move on.He apologized. He would still like or comment on my things on Facebook, but I never gave too much of a response because I really just wanted to let him go. A month and a half passed, and out of nowhere, he deleted me. I asked him why, and he said I hadn't done anything to make him mad. I pushed, and then he said my posts annoyed him. And we got into a petty fight. He called me clingy, I called him a pretentious d***. The next day he changed his profile picture to one we had taken together, but with me cropped out. He would comment on things after I would so I would get the notification. The following week, he texted me and tried to get me to come over to hook up, I said no. Ran into him at a show a few weeks later, gave him and his friend a hug, and the next night he messaged me on Facebook "how do you happen to find us at every show?" then when I didn't respond because I wasn't online, he texted me "ridiculous." We've been texting every few weeks since, he'll try to get me to come over and visa versa but we still haven't hung out. A few weeks ago, I saw him at a show that he knew I was going to be at, wearing the jacket I had bought him for his birthday, and he brought his ex (who is now a lesbian) with him. He texted me the next week, I was sleeping. Last Monday, I texted him, and we had a dirty/flirty conversation. He said that he may want me to go with him to this city that's 3 hours away with him June 1st, which would be for an all evening concert festival. I didn't really acknowledge it at the time. The next day, me being an idiot, I told him that I still had feelings for him after he had asked in his last text "Why me?" and I told him why. Haven't heard from him since. This is all beyond confusing and I can't tell if he just likes playing mind games with me or what. What does this mean, if anything?


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  • It seems that he's just stringing you all along. He's not worth it.


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  • Oh goodness, that's tough...

    Honestly, he sounds like a jerk

    I think you should tell him that you love him, but your willing to be just friends.

    I think you should go to the festival thing with him, if its stil on the tale, and maybe your beneficial friendship will escalate.

    He's definitely trying to get some sort of reaction out of you, or he wouldn't e doing all that stuff on Facebook

    And if yalls relationship stays as friends, be happy you at least have that

    And if you guys just stop talking, don't sweat it he knda seems like a jerk, anyway haha