Do you think it's OK to go on dates with a guy/girl if you KNOW you don't want a relationship with them?

Like, you think this person is attractive and you kinda like them or whatever, but you know of a couple things about them that would probably be deal-breakers for you in a serious relationship.

Do you still go out with them if they ask? You're attracted to them, so maybe you want to get physical...or even if you don't get physical, you enjoy talking to them and such.

So is it just wrong (in your opinion) to give them the impression that you guys could ever be together romantically? Or maybe it's OK, because you could change your mind and fall for them after all!

If you think you should tell them you don't see it getting serious, when do you tell them? Before you even go out? After a couple dates?


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  • There should be some level of interest for you or anyone to accept a date with someone. Like if you know you wouldn't want a long term relationship but might be OK with a short term physical relationship, then I think that's OK but only as long as you are honest about it up front. Like by saying, I like being with you but I'm not really looking for anything long term.

    • Yeah...basically what I was thinking, I just wanted some other people's thoughts though. I mean I always meet and get to know these guys that I think are really nice and fun but I just know I would never get married to them, ya know?

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  • If you're upfront...preferably before you go out and say "Listen, I like you, and I don't mind causally dating, but I have no intentions of dating you exclusively" that's straight to the point and honest.

  • It's okay. That's called casual dating.


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