Girls: Describe the guy you would NEVER want to date!

Some ideas to get you going:

--What are his hobbies?

--What kind of jokes would he make?

--How does he dress?

--What is his educational background?

--How does he behave when he's around just you? Other women? His guy friends?

Try not to say something dumb like "My ex boyfriend", I want some insight as to the most repelling guy. It would help if you could tell me what you are like as well to get a sense of compatibility.


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  • --What are his hobbies? I don't judge on hobbies

    --What kind of jokes would he make? Joking at other people expense

    --How does he dress? Dirty clothes, old sneakers

    --What is his educational background? College drop out

    --How does he behave when he's around just you? Other women? His guy friends? Obnoxious, loud, annoying.


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  • A player waste of time and energy ...he is more focussed on his own desires and interests and never gets emotionally attached to anyone...

  • Ok so this is all stuff that I wouldn't want:

    Something really stupid like collecting cards

    Not so many dirty jokes cause they get annoying

    Not sophisticated like

    Well I could only date someone smart because I'm smart so I couldn't put up with a less smart person

    Kinda normal an funny but sweet around me and to other girls kinda stays away a little but still is friends with some and with his guy friends he can act however he wants to act

    I'm almost 14 btw

  • emotionally unstable is a fu*king turn off! Period!

  • Manwhore

    Blames feminism for everything

    Crude humor


    High School Dropout

    Terrible dresser(doesn't care what he looks like)

    Dirty hair

    Can't hold a conversation

    Really dumb


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