How can I show my boyfriend I trust him?

This morning I got this text that said

Whenever we are together alone it feels like you don't trust me more like your afraid of me.

Me:I was just uncomfortable when you were using tounge to kiss me because I just had my first kiss yesterday and I'm just not use to this and sometimes when I mess up I think you won't like me anymore or want me

So how do I show him I trust him? because I don't want our relationship to end this way


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  • he should not end things just because of that,he needs to take things slow with you until you are totally comfortable. You sound like you may have low self esteem when you say you are afraid of messing up and he may not like you anymore...relax,if he sees your true worth, he will love you ,if not it won't be because you messed anything up.He has to earn trust anyways.


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  • You can show it by words.


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  • Are you really over 45?

    I think you need to get more confidence in yourself. The only way you're going to become a good kisser is by doing it.

    • 12 but 13 in 2 days

    • Oh! That makes sense then.

      Don't do anything you're not comfortable with no matter what a man wants - EVER!

      If he doesn't respect your choices he's not the one for you and there are a lot of nice guys out there who will. :)

      12 is really young. You have a lot of time ahead of you to do these kinds of things. If you're not ready, wait a bit. I was 14 when I had my first kiss.

  • I agree trust is earned not given.

    To trust blindly is being gullible.

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