Does seeing a movie with a girl have to be a date?

I had plans to see a movie tonight with a bunch of people but it got cancelled, and I am really bored and want to see a movie tonight. There's this cute girl at work that likes me and I want to ask if she wants to see a movie tonight with me but I don't really wanna start officially dating her just yet.

For some reason I am scared to have a girlfriend lol. So if I asked her to see this movie tonight and she said yes would it be considered an official date and would she expect me to keep asking her on dates after or? I'm kind of bad at the whole dating thing so any help would be appreciated, especially from girls :)


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  • If you know she likes you, and you ask her on a date, yes, she is going to assume you are asking her on a date. Don't ask her if you aren't ready for a date. Because making it clear that you're just going as friends makes things awkward. You'll get her hopes up and just ultimately disappoint her. Girls read into EVERYTHING and TOO MUCH.


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  • Really, a movie theatre is a classic date venue. Especially if you know she likes you, you shouldn't ask her to go, unless you want to date her.

  • No, it doesn't have to be necessarily called as such. It can just be hanging out.