Internet dating? (opinions?)

what do people of internet dating, hate it, curious, scared of it, already use it?

  • I'm scared that the person may be a killer or rapist or other/Skeptical/I don't see a point
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  • I'm curious about it but don't really have the drive to join one/don't know which one to join
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  • Its not bad but I prefer to meet my people in real life
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  • I already use it but its not all its hyped up to be
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  • I already use it and I've met some cool people/I used it to meet somebody and it worked out for the most part
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  • I have used interent dating and had two good relationships out of it and have also made some good friends from the internet. How ever at your age you are way to young and imature to be using it.

    If you do and other people do just remember to be sensible and safe. Do not give out any personal details, let someone know where you are or take a friend with you and make sure you meet in day light somewhere which is busy/public. Do not go anywhere alone with the person until a few dates have happend and don't accept a lift.

    I think that internet dating is the in thing to do and more people on the sites are interested in relationships rather than one night stands which people at clubs and bars are normally interestred in. Also if you meet someone in a bar you still don't know who they are and they could be a stalker or something as well.

  • I'm scared that it might be some stalker whatever.

    Haha..but yeah. I will never resort to internet dating. It's a bit weird.


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