Why does this girl act this way towards me?

There was this girl that I became friends with for a while and I built up an attraction to her and told her how I felt, but I guess she didn't see me like that but did when we first talked and stuff and then it lead to a friendship that she didn't want to ruin. We got a long had common interests talked all the time as soon as I told her that she begged me to still be her friend granted before I even told her how I felt she stopped talking to me for a whole week for no reason...found out she was talking to another guy and when that situation was going downhill she hit me up saying how she missed talking to me and stuff so I came back to her. This time she begs for my friendship after she pretty much crushes me on how I feel...so I take day to think about it and I talk to her like nothing happens and accept the friendship for what it is...so we continue to talk and like she was taking super long to respond to texts and stuff just acting totally different because she used to respond so much quicker. So I pretty much took it as she was uninterested in anything I had to say so I just decided to stop talking to her we didn't talk for 10 days we see each other in person and it's so awkward she thinks I hate her, I think she hates me so it was horrible and I made every attempt to try to talk to her and just be normal and she made zero attempts to talk to me. So we both go home where we come from and I hit her up and try to clear things up and tell her I don't hate her and she's like oh I'm very selective with my friends and that she needs friends in her life and I'm fine with that so I continue to talk to her and she barely responds to my text messages now I'm going on a 3rd day where I texted her 4 messages last to no response, now I know there's another dude involved but if she cared so much about my friendship then why is she acting like I don't exist? I don't understand this and I haven't hit her up since, but I did nothing wrong in this whole situation. Is this girl just heartless and only care about herself, because she's making me feel pretty worthless at the moment.


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  • It kind of sounds like she's stringing you along and will talk to you when she doesn't have someone else to talk to.

    • That's what I think, but why would she do that. I treated this girl so good, no other guy is gonna treat her like this. I just don't get why a girl who I thought really highly of would do this to me. I mean I could understand if I deserved it, but I don't.

    • Some people just don't realize what they have in front of them.

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