Is that a sign I may have disappointed him? You tell me...

I have been seeing this guy and I like him a lot. I just been busy off an on and we have been trying to get closer. I just got over a relationship a year ago. Sometimes I still think about him but I like this new guy. I am going through changes in my life and I don't want to lose him. We have not talked for a couple of weeks but I still think about him. Well he text me the other day to see if we are OK. I told him we still good and I just been focused on other things. I can tell he want to support me. Yesterday I was bored at home and I thought about him. I really just wanted to spend time with friends but I thought maybe he might be gone for the holiday weekend. He text me that he was at the casino and was bored waiting on friends while they played games. He asked how my night was going? I didn't text because I was driving to the bar to have a drink by myself. I put a pic on instagram of my face and a statement stating that I was bored. He commented under my pic that he was having the same kind of night. That is when I realized I didn't text him for a few text he sent. He said he was about to go home and sleep and that if he knew I was that bored that he would have come out and have a few drinks. I text good night and then he text back to enjoy my weekend. I text back I will have a good weekend and that he have a enjoyable one as well. Then he text that he will try and good night. I think I may have made a fool of myself because he want to get to know me but I made him feel like I didn't care or I don't think of him. If someone text "I WILL TRY to have a good weekend" as a response would that be a sign that I may have disappointed him. He seemed fine with us during the week and I was going to ask what is wrong but it was late. I don't want to stop talking or hanging out with him. What should I do? How should I approach him.

*********************wrong phrase sorry I messed up the story smh...He said he will try to enjoy his weekend as if he will try but may not be in a good mood.


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  • You really made him disappointed. You should try to approach him next time and apologize.


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  • ummm... you are really ovethinking this, just text him tommorow and see what he's up to , then you'll feel better and if he did think you don't like him hell then realize you do, you did not even mess up with him girl . I will try to have a good weekend means he's gonna try to have a good weekend, he's definently not mad.

    • wrong phrase sorry I messed up the story smh...He said he will try to enjoy his weekend as if he will try but may not be in a good mood.