Should I text this guy and give him another shot?

I went to a dance last night and this guy I went on a couple dates with in December kept talking to me, hugging me, an bumping into me. He talked to me three times that night and hugged me three times. Should I text him and try to arrange hanging out with him and giving him one more shot?

Our dates in December were awkward cause we didn't click but everyone says he's usually so fun an crazy and he had just gotten out of a two year long relationship so maybe he wasn't into it back then. Should I try texting him "I had fun last night, it was nice seeing you."


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  • C'mon Helpha, we all know it's you. Especially when you ask the same damned question FIVE MINUTES AGO! link Did you really need a double post?


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  • no he messed up the first time, what makes you think hell be into it this time? move on, if he wanted a second chance he'd ask, he's the man , he needs to initiate these things.