Did telling him I was worried about him scare him?

I'm pretty sure my friends with benefits is falling for me. Which is fine because I really like him a lot. But he's worrying me terribly. Sometimes I get these weird feelings that something bad is gonna happen and most times it comes true. One time I kept having a feeling I was gonna hit a kid on a bike with my car and a week later a kid on his bike rode right out in front of my car. The way the cars were parked I couldn't see him coming and he didn't stop to look for cars, luckily I didn't hit him. We work different shifts and so I went and saw my friend on Friday night and he looked so tired. We hung out till 6am and when I left I told him to go lay down because he had to work later that day and he said that he was up for the day after being up since like 2pm Friday. So he stayed up like a total of 36 hours with no sleep. I text him and asked him if he was OK and he said yeah and that he was tired. So I told him that I'd been worried about him all day because he looked so tired when I left and he never messaged me back, he was working late and I'm sure he went to sleep as soon as he got home but I was texting him while he was at work amd he always makes me text him when I get home so I kind of expected him to text me when he got home. I wasn't saying that to be clingy or anything. I was up for like 40 hours and couldn't even remember driving home from his house and had to have someone drive me around yesterday cause I didn't feel safe driving till I got some sleep. I just don't know why he wouldn't text me back, I was just worried for him to be out driving and working when he hasn't had any sleep.


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  • Did he ever respond? How long has it been since he texted you?

    I think you're over-reacting lol

    P.S. Be EXTREMELY cautious about FWB's. They never work out the way you want them to.

    • He never responded to that question but he text me the next day to hang out. He's confusing me so much and I don't know what to do. He doesn't really text unless he wants to hang out and then when I get there he's all I missed you, I love you, be my girlfriend, move in with me. So he's saying this things making me wanna be with him but yet the only time he wants to see me is for sex. Although the other day he was like planning something but wouldn't really tell me much. I don't even know what to think.

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    • There is no excuse for guys who use girls like that. It's extremely cruel and it's mentally destructive for us. I was you last year. I was so scared to let him go. He said he loved me. It must be true somewhere inside him. But it wasn't. He never loved me. It took months of therapy (and a lot of wine), and the support of my friends to realize the truth with him. I wish I didn't let my own blind ambition and lack of confidence keep me from seeing that and getting away.

    • i sent you a friend request, it wouldn't let me message you unless I was your friend first. I'll tell you the whole story and you can help me with what to do if you don't mind. I've just been summarizing everything lol.

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